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Adult Classes



Hip Hop



Contemporary Modern 




Beginner Adult Jazz

(technique only)



Intermediate Adult Jazz

(technique only)


Teacher approval needed


Drop in $8

10 class punchcard $70

Autopay: $30/mth - per hour class

 for non performance classes

Please book your spot! We have limited

studio space and want to make sure

we know you are coming to class! :)



Beginner / Intermediate Ballet 

(technique only)



Zensuality Dance Flow

sound bath + Burlesque

Danielle (non studio class)

*Donation based - pay what you can*

Follow Zensualityflow

on instagram for more info!

Performance Opportunities for adult dancers!
Beginner Tuesdays 6-8pm

Intermediate Tuesdays  7-9pm

Advanced Thursdays 6-830pm

We created new collaborative companies

 for dancers 18+

All levels welcome!

*Non Competition
*member Choreography
*Company Member Morale

*More Performances

*More Projects (Films, Festivals, etc)

Includes Jazz Technique + Choreography classes

What classes are you interested in?

Thanks for submitting!

What should I wear?
Comfortable workout clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Form fitted tshirt, tank top, shorts, leggings.
Ballet classes: traditional ballet attire if you have it, but if a shirt and leggings makes you feel more comfortable please feel empowered to wear that instead.
Ballet shoes and hair in a bun

Do I need to book my class ahead of time or can I just show up?
Please book your class ahead of time since we have limited studio space, and so we know you are planning to show up for class. We have had times in the past where we need to cancel a class last minute for multiple reasons and we would love to be able to give you a heads up so you dont waste your time driving over
for there not to be a class. 

How do I see my punchcard, classes booked, etc?

You can log into your member portal (Top left corner). You will see your punchcard - and how many punches you have left, profile info, classes booked, cancel any bookings, etc!

Do you offer a free trial for adult classes?
We do not offer free trials at this time, but our drop in price is only $8
and we promise you wont be disappointed!

How does AutoPay work?
Think of it like a gym membership! Set it and forget it and show up for class!
You will create a profile on Dance Studio Pro, click the class you want to have on autopay, put a card on file and you're all set!
We assume you will be in class so if you cannot attend a class please let us know.

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