Valentine Theater

 American Fork

June 11, 2022

4pm show 

-Shining, Twinkling, Rising Stars 

-Creative Contemporary 

-All Ballet 

7pm show - Call time 6pm 

-Hip Hop 1 and 2 

-Musical Theater 

-Healing Movement 

-Jazz 1 

-Excel, Evolution, Ethos 

$5 ticket 1 show/ $8 ticket for 2 shows Each show will be about 90 minutes. 


Hair/Costumes Information for June 11 

Twinkling Stars -Mon class 10-11am Hair in bun, footless pink tights and pink ballet shoes 

- JADC provide tutu dress, leotard/grass skirt 

Shining Stars- Wed class 4-5pm 

Hair in bun

-JADC provide dress/leggings, leotard and tutu 

Rising Stars- Wed 5-6pm class 

Girls- black leggings, hair in bun, bare feet 

Boys- black leggings, bare feet 

-JADC provide boys shirts, 

girls leotards/tutus/tops


Creative Contemporary -ages 8-11
Need Black tank leotard, black shorts
Hair out of face , Bare feet 

-JADC provide dress, top 

Healing Movement ages 12+ 

Need black leggings and black shorts Hair in low ponytail 

Bare feet 

-JADC provide dress and top 

Ballet 1-Thursday 4-5pm class 

Need pink Tights, ballet shoes 

Hair in bun 

-JADC provide leotard, tutu 

Jazz 1 -Tuesday 630-730pm class 

Hair in low ponytail, 

bare feet 

-JADC provide dress and jazz costume 

Ballet 3 

Nude leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes (flat and pointe? Verify with Brooke) 

Hair bun 

-JADC provide all tutus 

Hip hop 1 and 2 

Gym shoes 

Girls - hair low ponytail 

-JADC provide top and pants 

Musical Theater 

Hair in low ponytail, bare feet 

-JADC provide dress with leotard attached 

Evolution/ Ethos -Leeza's company
Nude tank shorts bra or leotard, 

black shorts and leggings, black jazz shoes Hair low ponytail, Tan Footless Tights

-JADC provide all costumes 

Excel- Sydni's company 

Nude tank sports bra or leotard, black shorts Hair in low ponytail 

-JADC provide all costumes

June 11 Onstage Rehearsals June 11, 2022 Onstage Dress Rehearsal

Arrive 10am 

Ethos, Evolution, Excel 

Arrive 10:45am 

Healing Movement 

Arrive 11:15am 

Hip Hop 1 and 2, Musical Theater, Jazz 1 

- All above may leave after rehearsal time, call time 6pm 

Arrive 12:30pm 

Ballet 3, Pointe 

Arrive 1:30pm 

Ballet 1 

Arrive 2:30pm 

Creative Contemporary 

Arrive 3pm 

Shining, Twinkling, Rising Stars 

Show Starts 4pm