Kayla Dimond

Kayla has been practicing yoga for 9 years and is a certified advanced yoga teacher with 500 hours of yoga teacher training.

Because of her yoga practice, she has awakened to a whole new Universe within. Kayla strives to guide others into the depth of their own body to discover hidden treasures and valuable wisdom that has always been there, awaiting discovery.

She believes that we are our own medicine. Her guided meditations and asanas are designed intentionally to awaken life force, total body activation, relaxation, and deep love. 

Kayla's classes are infused with sound alchemy, featuring crystal singing bowls, drumming and chimes.

Yoga is a sacred experience, and Kayla is so honored to be able to hold a space for you to experience the magic for yourself. 

Kayla also holds retreats in Costa Rica, Park City, etc and makes the most beautiful creations. Check her out at @crownedgoddesses on Instagram for her beautiful crystal creations