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Matika is a wife, mother, yogi, adventurer, and passionate dancer & teacher. She believes that dance is incredibly healing and always brings focus onto the mental, emotional, and spiritual side of dance while teaching her classes.


In June of 2016, Matika opened her own dance studio to be able to be her own boss and impact the lives of youth & teens with healing movement. She spent 5 incredible years down this path… during which she choreographed and directed a powerful Suicide prevention show that toured across Utah; held 2 international dance film festivals; put on multiple shows and received awards at multiple festivals… ALL while loving every single student along the way.


With her growing family and evolving home life, Matika knew it was best to sell her dance studio and is now teaching at Jolie Arts Dance Center. She is excited for this new teaching endeavor because she can just let go of the stress of being a studio owner and really focus on her strengths… impacting youth and teens through the healing powers of dancing with emotion! She is so honored to be an employee at Jolie Arts, and is looking forward to an incredible journey ahead.

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