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Stars Classes

We understand that it can take a little bit of time for your little one to warm up to a new environment and friends. We expect certain behaviors and have trained our staff to be kind and understanding to our younger dancers as they learn new things.

It is not uncommon for kids to:
-Not want to participate for the first few minutes of class so they can watch
-Not listen to the teacher very well (This is a new person to them)
-Be very shy around the others in the class


If any of these situations happen we are always accommodating in giving them extra time to acclimate, so please feel empowered to communicate with us about your child's needs.

Performance vs Nonperformance

We also understand that some children thrive under the lights, sounds and excitement of being onstage, and some just love to dance in the studio and get easily overwhelmed being onstage. We make sure to offer performance and nonperformance classes to best suite your child's needs! Our nonperformance classes will still learn dances in the classroom and we will put on a mini in class performance with a costume so they can still get the performance experience in a less stressful environment!

Benefits of dance at a
young age

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Stars classes include a variety of ballet, Creative movement, tumbling and tap



Super Stars (Green)

Ages 2-3




Super Stars (Yellow)
ages 4-6




Super  Stars (Blue)

ages 4-6




Super Stars (Pink)

Ballet only - Ages 5-6


**Need 3 signed up to start***


Super Stars (Orange)

ages 3-5


**Need 3 signed up to start***


Join us this summer for 3 days of fun and adventure with your favorite characters!

Dance, Tumbling, Crafts, and Treats!


4-5pm Ages 2-3

5-6pm Ages 4-6


June 19-21 - Bluey

June 26-28 - Fairytale Magic

July 10-12 - Bluey

July 17-19 - Under the Sea

August 7-9 - Fairytale Magic

August 14-16 - Under the Sea

Dress Code
Stars Classes (ages 2-5) 

***We provide tap shoes for students ages 2-5

Hair out of face
Bare feet (bring socks for tap shoes)
Easily moveable clothing

Required for Performing:
Light Pink Ballet Leotard

Light Pink tights with no holes
Light Pink ballet shoes
Hair in bun, out of face

Black Leggings or Tights
Black Ballet Shoes
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