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Sydni Jones

Sydni has been dancing for over 15 years. At the age of 8, she began training in musical theater to perform alongside her father. After making her middle school dance team, she began to rigorously train in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and modern dance in order to keep up with the rest of her teammates. 

It worked! In high school Sydni made the Silhouette Drill Team, which furthered her jazz training tremendously. While competing with the Silhouettes, the team won back to back Region Championships, and placed within the Top 5 in 5A State every year.  

Sydni attended Snow College, and continued to dance, adding ballroom and choreography to her repertoire. She became Ballroom Company president, and was also hired on as an “in-house” choreographer for both the ballroom company and dance ensemble.

Sydni has Associate degrees in Biology and Theater with a Musical Theater emphasis.  She also has a minor in Dance with a Ballroom Dance emphasis.  She is planning to pursue a Bachelors degree in Psychology.


Currently, Sydni freelances as a choreographer for drill teams across the state, and coaches a ballroom team at Lone Peak High School. Sydni is very excited to teach at Jolie Arts Dance Center and to help your students become confident and well rounded dancers in her dance classes.

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