Dress Code and Fees

Dress Code
Black/Level Colored Leotard
Ballet Shoes
Hair in Bun
Rising and Twinkling Stars Combo Classes:
Light Pink
Pre Ballet: Lavender
Level 1: Forest Green
Level 2: Burgundy
Level 3: Teal
Level 4: Violet Purple
Tight fitted top (tank/shirt/ sports bra)
Tight fitted shorts/leggings
Musical Theater, Tap, Hip Hop
Comfortable and easily moveable clothing.
Tap - Tap Shoes provided for ages 2-6
Hip Hop - Gym/ Tennis Shoes Needed

Ballet Class fees:

Class Leotard: $25

color based on level

Tour Team Fees:

$100 clothing fee

(includes jacket, leggings and practice top)
Additional Festival and Workshop fees will be applies as we assess the current pandemic situation and what events the team agree to attend


Monthly Rate- Per Dancer based on hours enrolled for a week + tax


45 minutes: $35

1 Hour $40

1.5 Hours: $60

1.75 Hours: $65

2 Hours: $75

2.5 Hours: $95

2.75 hours: $100

3 Hours: $105

3.5 Hours $120

4 Hours: $130

4.5 Hours: $145

5 Hours: $155

5.5 Hours $165

6 Hours $175

6.5 Hours $185

7 Hours $195

Unlimited $200

Family Discount

First Child- Regular tuition

$5 off /per additional immediate family member added

Performing Class fees:

Costume Fee: $50 due in October

(This covers all Costume rentals for the entire year - if in multiple performing classes the $50 fee is applied once. Example if signed up for Hip Hop, Musical Theater and Jazz Choreography you will only be charged $50 not $150

*Fees max at $200 for multiple students in one family for costume fees  

Performance Fee: $50 due in january

(This helps cover all venue and tech costs for all performances)

*Fees max at $200 for multiple students in one family for Performance fees

Jolie Arts Dance Center