Dress Code, Tuition and Fees

Dress Code
Starting August 29th, 2022
Black/Level Colored Studio Leotard
Light Pink tights with no holes
Link Pink ballet shoes
Hair in bun, out of face
Black/Level Colored Studio T-shirt
Black Leggings or Tights
Black Ballet Shoes

Ballet 1: Lavender
Ballet 2: Forest Green
Level 3: Teal
Ballet 4: Violet Purple
Ballet 5: Burgundy
Stars Classes (ages 2-6)
Tight fitted top (tank/shirt)
Tight fitted shorts/leggings
Hair up and out of face
*Required for performance below*
Girls - black tank leotard, light pink tights and light pink ballet shoes
Boys-Black Leggings/Tights, Black Ballet Shoes

Jazz (ages 7+)
Tight fitted top (tank/shirt)
Tight fitted shorts/leggings
Hair out of face
Musical Theater, Modern, Tap, Hip Hop (ages 7+)
Comfortable and easily moveable clothing.
Tap - Tap Shoes provided for ages 2-6
Hip Hop - Gym/ Tennis Shoes Needed

Hair out of face

All Black - or - Company top
Tight fitted black shorts/leggings
*Required for performance below*
Nude/black tank leotard/Sports Bra, Black shorts/leggings
Hair low ponytail


Monthly Rate- Per Dancer based on hours enrolled for a week + tax


45 minutes: $35

1 Hour $40

1.5 Hours: $60

1.75 Hours: $65

2 Hours: $75

2.5 Hours: $95

2.75 hours: $100

3 Hours: $105

3.5 Hours $120

4 Hours: $130

4.5 Hours: $145

5 Hours: $155

5.5 Hours $165

6 Hours $175

6.5 Hours $185

7 Hours $195

Unlimited $200

Family Discount

First Child- Regular tuition

$5 off /per additional immediate family member added

Ballet Class fees:

Class Leotard: $25

color based on level

Company Fee:

$75 - Electric
$100 - Evolution/Ethos/Elevate/Evoke

(Includes Uniform top + helps pay for photographers/Videographers/festivals)

*Optional Additional Fees

$25 - Studio Leggings

$40 - Studio Jacket

Performing Class fees:

Costume Fee due in October:


This covers all Costume rentals for the entire year

*if in multiple performing classes the $75 fee is applied once. Example if signed up for Hip Hop, Musical Theater and Ballet Choreography you will only be charged $75 not $225

*Fees max at $200 for multiple students in one family for costume fees  

Performance Fee: $75 due in january

*Includes all photos and copy of the Dec and June performances*

(This helps cover all venue and tech costs for all performances)

*Fees max at $200 for multiple students in one family for Performance fees


Sibling Discount for Performance Fee

First child $75, every child after $50