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Tuition and Dress Code

One flat monthly rate!

Monthly Rate- Per Dancer based on hours enrolled for a week + $15 costume/performance fee evenly distributed included. *

(Tax added after)

*If student signs up after September, previous month $15 costume/performance fees will be due. Example: if dancer is signed up in November, then the $15 costume/performance fees from September and October will be due in addition to November's flat monthly fee.

Your monthly rate includes:
-Class Cost
-All Studio Class pictures
-All performance videos and pictures

**Does not include show tickets
**Does not include annual Company Fee for Company Members


$25 per student 
This goes towards monthly treats/extra activities for the dancers


$100 - Electric, Evoke
$150 - Evolution, Ethos, Elevate
(Helps pay for photographers, videographers, additional festivals/performances)


$25 late fee for all balances paid after the 10th of the month.

If balanced not settled by end of month, student may not participate

in class until balance is paid.



All families are required to have a credit card on file and be enrolled in autopay. (Please talk to us about special circumstances.)


Tuition will be charged on the 1st of each month. Notice needs be to given before the 1st of the month in order to drop. Once tuition is charged, if classes are dropped, no refund will be issued. (Possible account credit when appropriate.)

$5 off /per additional immediate family member added

No Dance Days

Follows Alpine school district

October 19-20 Fall Break

Nov 20-24 Thanksgiving Break

December 25-Jan 5 Christmas Break

April 1-5 Spring Break

May 27 Memorial Day

Dress Code

We heavily enforce our dress code for multiple reasons:

*Unity with your class, takes away potential judgement and shows respect for your teacher

*Increased focus because you are dressed for success

*Safety and Injury Prevention by being able to properly correct body positioning

A warning will be given if your dancer violates our dress code and the teacher reserves the right to ask your dancer to observe class if they feel their dress will distract or create a safety concern.

Food Water

Please have your dancer bring a water bottle to class so they can stay hydrated. No food is allowed on the dance floor or during class. Absolutely NO GUM chewing is allowed during class.

Stars Classes (ages 2-6) + Ballet (ages 7+)
 Black Ballet Leotard
Light Pink tights with no holes
Link Pink ballet shoes
Hair in bun, out of face
Black/White T-shirt
Black Leggings or Tights
Black Ballet Shoes
Sparkling Stars/ Tumbling:
Black Leotard/Shorts or leggings optional
Hair out of face
Bare Feet
Black/White T-shirt tucked into black shorts/leggings
Bare Feet
Contemporary Modern,
Comfortable and easily moveable clothing.
Hip Hop - Gym/ Tennis Shoes Needed
Tap: Tap shoes or Gym shoes

Hair out of face


Jazz (ages 7+)
Tight fitted top (tank/shirt)
Tight fitted shorts/leggings
Hair out of face
Company Members
All Black
Tight fitted top (tank/shirt)
Tight fitted shorts/leggings
Hair out of face
**NO Baggy/Oversized clothing or denim
*Required for performance below*
Nude and black tank leotard/Sports Bra, Black shorts/leggings
Hair low ponytail
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