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Victoria (Vixy) Rader

Vixy Rader is a dance artist raised and currently performing and teaching in in Utah. She started her training in ballet, branching out into modern, contemporary, and musical theatre dance eventually falling in

love with the variety and exploration those styles offered. Vixy attended the University of Utah where she graduated in 2016 with honours and was awarded her Bachelor of Fine Arts in modern dance.


Vixy currently dances with The Allure Creative and has enjoyed working with local artists and dance companies including Myriad Dance, Louisa Killian, Dmitri Peskov, Marie Bardsley, Hunter Hazard, and Franky

DeMartino. Vixy is a high school dance teacher and loves seeing her students grow into explorative and expressive artists. She enjoys collaborative and non-traditional projects that include artists from other disciplines, interesting performance locations, unusual movements or

themes, and funny or awkward moments.


Vixy is a quirky individual who loves metal music, snuggling her cats (Lily & Natsu), reading, taking long bubble baths, and having game nights with her family. She has a tender bb bird heart and can usually be found crying over cute animals, or how much she loves the people in her life.

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