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Dance classes, a safe place where you belong

Dance Classes for everyone

Lehi's Non competition dance studio dedicated to teaching affordable, quality, and creative dance classes to all ages and levels

Benefits of joining our studio!

*A safe place where every dancer feels seen, heard, and included*

*Build Self Confidence

*Make new friends

*Uplifting and positive environment

*Expand your creativity through student choreography

*Teaching our dancers to never be afraid to learn new things

*Inclusive classes for all ages and gender

*Over 13 adults classes available! Performance and Drop in options available

We are currently on Break until our Summer Sessions starts on June 24th - see our schedule for more info!

Let our dance families tell you why they love our studio!

I just have to give a shoutout to Jolie Arts Dance Center. Aspen is in her third year here and she has loved it! Her teachers are and have been fantastic. And Leeza, the owner, has so much passion for dance, the studio and for every student that goes there. If you have kids interested in dance, I recommend Jolie Arts! Check out their free classes and if you see one that interests you, the first week is always free! We just have really enjoyed our experience. The opportunities to perform and learn the dances for those performances has been wonderful! Thank you Leeza!

-Ashley D

Leeza Fullmer, the owner of Jolie Arts Dance Center, loves the students. She helps them improve their dance technique while helping them increase their self-esteem. She teaches the whole student, not just the dancer in them. My daughter suffered with very low confidence before she joined Jolie Arts. Now she is a very confident young lady and I owe a lot of that to Leeza.

-Kandi S

This studio is perfect for those looking for a non-competitive, uplifting environment. In addition to receiving high quality technique instruction, students at Jolie Arts also have the opportunity to be creative. There are companies the dancers can audition for where the students get to choreograph pieces and contribute to the choreographic process. It's been beautiful to watch young dancers at this studio find a community where they feel supported and encouraged by their peers while growing and becoming a better dancer. I love being a part of the Jolie Arts community.

-Ashlie C

My daughter is 3 years old and is very shy when it comes to dance, but because the teacher Alli was sooo great with children and very sweet to them, she participated way more than I anticipated. Alli's class management is amazing, she's able to instruct the little kiddos in a way that they are still having fun while learning technique. She also has an assistant which helps manage all those toddlers in one room. I love how affordable the class is for a whole hour; there's nowhere else you'll find that quality for that price. Leeza Jolie (the owner) is very personable and contacted me to help me with questions and see how class went as well. She was kind and understanding towards my daughter and I. I highly recommend Jolie Arts Dance!

-Lydia R

Love this studio! My daughter loves working towards recitals and Jolie has found ways to hold them regularly and at very little cost. I also love that my daughter's having fun and learning, rather than stressed and pressured. We drive past a dozen other studios to get there every week, because Jolie is worth it.

-Megan M

Both my kids have attended classes at Jolie Arts Dance (6/4 yo) and they love it. The teachers are kind, accommodating, and skillful. The recitals are fun and not stressful, and the communication with the studio is amazing!
Would definitely recommend this studio for all your dance needs! They even have classes for adults 👍

-Justine T

Jolie provides such a unique opportunity for anyone to dance. I've tried a bunch of studios all over utah and I can honestly say I love that there's an opportunity to perform. That is so, so hard to find anywhere else. Most other studios you have to audition (really intense process) and commit to insane hours and it can get tiring and draining by the end of the season. But with Jolie, it's such a good deal and you get to do multiple dances if you want to! There's no judgement on how good or bad you might think you are.

-Lindsey M

We have just loved Jolie Arts Dance Center my daughter looks forward to it every week and loves her teacher. I highly recommended this dance studio!

-Jessica B

Jolie Arts Dance Center is the best!! My daughter has wanted to be a ballerina her whole life and I'm so glad we chose this studio for her to live out that dream. She has grown so much and her love of dance has only deepened. This is a super affordable option for our family and they are always trying to make sure that it is affordable for everyone!
LeeZa comes up with so many fun events and things for the kids to participate in. The studio just did a volunteer event at the library where they put on a few Disney Prince and Princess performances and my son tried out dance for this event. We found out that it's not for him, but it was such a good experience! LeeZa was so patient with my little terror of a 3 year old and he did end up learning most of the dance and participated, for the most part, for the performance. And bonus! They had a ton of Disney princesses for the kids to meet!
I love how this studio goes out their way to make every event a good experience for the kids. My kids are in the younger group and they always come home with a bag of goodies after their performances. They really bond with the kids and make them feel welcome.
I absolutely recommend this dance studio to any and everyone! They are top notch!

-Stephanie H

I love the space Jolie Arts Dance Center offers their dancers. I have a little girl enrolled (who loves it), and they let the family be a part of it. The staff is very pleasant and they keep the kids active! The studio was really clean and ventilated. The style and layout of the studio makes it great for cool pictures. I highly recommend this studio.

-Manie M

If you’re in Utah and you want to dance, you HAVE TO COME TO JOLIE ARTS DANCE CENTER!!!!! It’s way cheaper than therapy ;) jk do therapy too, but I have had the time of my LIFE rediscovering my love for dance as an adult in an exciting, supportive, non-competitive way. And the best part is, there’s opportunities for EVERYONE 💙

-Kyra F

I love to dance because it helps keep me active but it is also a form of art that I enjoy expressing myself through. You also make great friends through dance! I loved Jolie Arts because it was a great learning environment where I felt comfortable trying new things, making mistakes, and being myself!

-JADC Company Member

I am definitely a lot older, plus size, and took a 2.5 year break from dance. I was so happy to find this studio. Everyone is so welcoming and nice. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone for children to adults. I love going to class each week, and this studio holds so much talent!

-Melissa S

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We are located at 
288 East Main Street, Lehi
*Above Rage Fitness
*Same Parking Lot as Kohler's

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